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American recording artist Jo James has a gift for songwriting and entertaining a crowd. From heavy-hitting stages to intimate heartfelt performances, Jo James continues to captivate audiences in a powerful way. His style consists of blues, soul, and a little bit of rock n roll.

Jo has worked and performed with some of the industry's top acts and also received the honor award at the 100% Music Songwriting Contest.

He started playing music when he was 8 years old.
He grew up playing music in church.

Rooted in his faith, Jo James uses his songwriting, stage performance, and life to bring hope and light to others. His voice and songs can seamlessly heal a broken heart and electrify a weary soul.

"Great raw talent and voice is lovely to listen to."
- John Legend

"I love Jo's voice."
- Blake Shelton

"Jo James' sound is very classic in nature. It's a sound of soulful music with jazz and blues mixed into its heart and core"
- Music Street Journal

"Jo James has this deeply raw voice which immediately catches everyones attention."
- Where Music Meets

"Jo James and his band have the rare talent of getting you to tap your foot along to a song that also tugs on your heartstrings."
- In The Pocket Magazine

"The cross-section of genres colliding in Jo James’ music is well in keeping with the adventurous nature of the city he hails from, but this is musical excellence no matter its home."
- The Hollywood Digest

"I'm highly impressed with the emotional vocal delivery and the unpresuming music bedrock. He shines, and he does so brightly."
- Melody Makers Magazine

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